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Our story

Our story

Since 2006, GRUBB has offered educational and artistic programmes for Roma children and young people in Serbia. Our aim is to further their education in order so that they may access mainstream employment to facilitate their long-term social integration. Our holistic approach, combining education, culture, arts, and business, enables each of our participants to achieve their full potential. The name, GRUBB (Gypsy Roma Urban Balkan Beats) was originally given as a title to our first show. Our organization then decided to adopt the name in 2012 as our participants felt that it not only represented them but the movement as a whole that was and continues to spread across Europe.

In 2011 the GRUBB Show was created with a team of international artists working with the children in our Centres. Written by young Roma (ages 14-20) under the direction of Serge Denoncourt, the creative process took two years, exploring the stories and the roots of our young writers. The production was then made possible by the commitment of internationally renowned artists in dance, set, video, lighting, and sound design, to create this unique show. Opening in Belgrade followed by a performance in London at the O2, 25 young Roma performers including dancers, singers, rappers and a brass band, shared with entranced audiences a pure raw energy in a contemporary celebration of life.

Since its opening, the show has gone on to tour internationally with performances in Montréal, New York, the Netherlands, and is preparing to come to France.

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Our goals

  • To help our participants finish their school education while acquiring soft skills towards better employability and social integration.
  • To encourage and nurture the creative and performing talents of our participants and teach them how to acquire skills and a professional attitude in their field of choice, whether it be music, dance, theatre, photography, video or creative writing.
  • To motivate our teachers towards more initiative and creativity.
  • To engage more parents to be involved.
  • To encourage our participants to share their culture and be proud of their roots.
  • To involve non-Roma organisations and individuals into projects and activities with our Roma participants.
  • To increase our social media presence by continuing building a positive image of Roma young men and women. To strengthen the existing GRUBB community and to create an international GRUBB community, reaching Roma and non-Roma youth throughout Europe.
  • To increasingly generate income through our music and theatre projects, thus creating an income for our participants and becoming self-sustainable, following our business model.
  • To continue raising funds through private and institutional donors until we reach self-sustainability.
“GRUBB is the link between education and the arts empowering young Roma to build their future.”


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Programs + Workshops

Daily tutoring for all schools subject tailored to each students individual needs

Daily dance classes open to all ages and levels of experience

Daily music classes open to all ages and levels of experience

Creative writing workshops

Photography + Video workshops

Prince’s Trust International Workshops are set to improve participant’s employability, soft skills and ability to set up their own business.


Schools and Educational Institutions both locally + internationally

International organizations such as the UN and Council of Europe

Ministry of Culture, Republic of Serbia

Local corporations for job placement

Prince’s Trust International to support young people on their journey from education to employment.