“GRUBB is the link between education and the arts empowering young Roma to build their future.”
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Apr 15, 2024
VOGUE Adria: Pretty Loud

Honest and resilient, the members of the first Roma girl band are not only heroines of their Mahala but also a much broader society they are changing. Vogue Adria’s diversity editor Selma Selman spoke with the band members Zlata, Selma, Silvia, and Elma about the position of Roma women, the struggle for emancipation, and how rap fits into all of this.

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Many Roma work on themselves and further their education.

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Pretty Loud proudly blands rap and hip-hop with Roma sound, and contemporary and urban movements with traditional dance. We talked about what they have to say in their songs and listened to their music.

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Since 2006, all Roma who are eager to learn and want to break out of the stereotype of poverty, who want to advance, can find their place in the GRUBB Foundation. There, they have a better chance to improve their education and boost their employment opportunities.

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Sep 08, 2023
Svi UGLAS: Interview

Pretty Loud is the first female Roma hip-hop band in the world. These girls started their artistic journey in Belgrade. Their striking energy and songs that carry a strong message very quickly captivated the whole of Serbia.

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The mission of the world’s first female Roma rap group, Pretty Loud, is clear: to prevent early marriages of young Roma women. This popular musical group from the Balkans promotes education and social integration of a marginalized ethnic group. The band members draw inspiration from their own lives for their music. In one of their songs, they passionately declare: “Enough is enough!”

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Pretty Loud traveled from Belgrade to Pristina for the “Miredita, Dobar dan” festival, where they performed their songs with messages against discrimination, violence and early marriages.

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It is the story of Roma who built their status through their work, effort and dedication, who break down prejudice, openly talk about all issues and clearly say that education is the fastest way to success and that they can help themselves the most. Their thinking makes us wonder if the time has finally come to discard stereotypes about Roma.

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Il momento più emozionante è stato quando si sono esibite a Londra, nel marzo 2020, al Women of the world Festival: sul palco sei ragazze arrivate da Belgrado, con il loro rap un po’ in serbo, un po’ in inglese e un po’ in lingua romanì, a raccontare in musica che no, non vogliono sposarsi a 16 anni, che desiderano continuare a studiare perché istruzione significa indipendenza e libertà dai pregiudizi e dalle discriminazioni. La “prima girl band rom” al mondo: così si presenta “Pretty Loud”.

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Many Roma women face pressures to marry young and take on traditional gender roles. Pretty Loud, a hip-hop group from Serbia, wants girls to decide for themselves.

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Their songs are about “women chained” in abuse witnessed by generations, or teenage brides being forced into marriage by their fathers. And they tell women to seek love, fight back and stand up for their right to be equal with men.

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Through music, an all-Roma girl band in Serbia is fighting against stereotypes, discrimination and the scourge of child marriage.

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Young Roma women in Serbia are rapping against child marriages and for equal rights. In recognition of their efforts, the 15 to 27-year-old musicians were invited to the 2020 “Women of the World Festival” in London.

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Revenue generation
Social/professional advancement
Exposure/social equity


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All music is written and composed by members of GRUBB. Through streaming, syncing and live performance, all publishing rights belong to GRUBB and go towards funding our educational programmes.


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All revenue generated by our productions, including the ticket sales and merchandising, go towards funding our educational programmes.


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Access to tutoring is offered freely at our centres five times a week. Tutoring in all academic subjects is available to any school pupil.


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All publishing rights belong to GRUBB and go towards funding our educational programmes.

The GRUBB Model

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GRUBB’s international social enterprise model is unique. It has a commercial value created by the community that benefits from it. It has the potential to generate sufficient revenue for self-sustainability, through the GRUBB Show and other projects, whilst integrating disadvantaged minorities through education, creation of employment and promotion of awareness of Roma issues.

GRUBB Centres are the keystone of this model.

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Workshops in music, dance, theatre, photography, creative writing and video are regularly run in our Centres. They are offered free of charge, lead by members of the GRUBB community, as well as professionals and guest artists.


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GRUBB’s long list of events includes live performances in Canada, USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and France, along with appearances on international television networks such as Arte, TF1, Radio Canada, BBC and DW. We regularly perform and take part in local and international festivals and events .


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Our many collaborations include working with the United Nations, W.O.W. (Women of the World), the Obama Foundation, the Prince’s Trust, the Council of Europe, the British Embassy Belgrade and the Ministry of Culture, Republic of Serbia. We also collaborate regularly on projects with local schools and organizations.


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A strong presence in the media has continued to convey the voices of our young Roma participants at an international level, including features in publications such as the New York Times, BBC, DW, Paris Match and Radio Canada. Our daily presence on social media  provides a platform for integration and equality. 
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GRUBB Centres

GRUBB Centres aim to improve the academic outlook of young Roma people. They provide programmes to support their mainstream schooling, with a shared emphasis on academic education and the arts, particularly the performing arts. One of the most important things that young Roma people learn from taking part in the GRUBB Show is how to commit to a project and take pride in the results of that commitment. We believe that this approach can also be applied to their academic learning within the GRUBB Centres thereby improving their confidence, their education, their employment prospects and their pride in their Roma heritage.

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Pretty Loud is the first Roma Girl Band. It was started in the GRUBB Centres by a group of young Roma women aged between 14-26.

Traditionally Roma women are homemakers, encouraged to leave school early and marry young. Pretty Loud is breaking this mold by creating their own unique music that aims to speak out for the next generation of Roma women.

They proudly blend rap and hip hop with ancestral Roma music and  dance. Through their lyrics they talk about their everyday challenges and hopes as well as fighting for equality and social justice.

They are passionate about putting an end to stereotypes about both Roma people and women.

Their many performances and awards are having a significant impact on Roma and non-Roma audiences.

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GRUBB (Gypsy Roma Urban Balkan Beats) is a musical show written by young Roma (ages 14-20) under the direction of Serge Denoncourt.

The creative process took three years, exploring through the stories and the roots of our young writers. The production was then made possible by the commitment of internationally renown artists who generously joined force with Serge Denoncourt to create this unique show.

25 young Roma performers on stage: dancers, singers, rappers, brass band, share with entranced audiences their pure raw energy in a contemporary celebration of life.

After London, Montreal, New York, Quebec, the Netherlands, GRUBB is preparing to come to France and Germany in the two next years.

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Emerging from the music workshops in our Centres, GRUBB students have been writing, recording, producing, performing and independently releasing original music since 2008. These recordings blend rap with traditional Roma rhythms and melodies and feature lyrics that speak of the world, the life and the reality of Roma children, teens and young adults living in Serbia today. In alignment with our holistic working model, GRUBB has been able to generate revenue from the sales and performances of these recordings, thus creating an income for the artists and students in our Centres.

All rights including publishing rights belong to GRUBB Productions CIC

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GRUBB Stories

GRUBB Stories, the first book ever written and illustrated by Roma children was launched in October 2013.

The UK organisation First Story very generously shared their creative writing methodology to inspire us design our own. We added illustrations, created by our young photographers in a workshop led by Ferrante Ferranti.

The National Library of Serbia invited all the young authors for a ceremony where the book was officially given to the Library.

Numerous readings by the young writers were organized in many schools and events throughout Serbia.

This is continuing to this day with each new book. Books have been donated to various schools and libraries throughout Serbia.

“GRUBB is the link between education and the arts empowering young Roma to build their future.”


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Programs + Workshops

Daily tutoring for all schools subject tailored to each students individual needs

Daily dance classes open to all ages and levels of experience

Daily music classes open to all ages and levels of experience

Creative writing workshops

Photography + Video workshops

Prince’s Trust International Workshops are set to improve participant’s employability, soft skills and ability to set up their own business.


Schools and Educational Institutions both locally + internationally

International organizations such as the UN and Council of Europe

Ministry of Culture, Republic of Serbia

Local corporations for job placement

Prince’s Trust International to support young people on their journey from education to employment.